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We’re doubling down on the uniquely PDX things you love about the Portland International Airport.

Over the next five years, a series of transformative projects will bring more Pacific Northwest-inspired architecture, local restaurants and shops, inclusive design, and carbon footprint-reducing technology.

What’s it going to look like? We’re here to show you all the magical stuff happening behind the scenes.

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Here’s how the action will unfold over the next few years


Concourse E expands its local character

Concourse E expands its local character

We’ve cut the ribbon on the newly expanded E, which adds four restaurants and shops, contemporary art installations and great views of Mt. Hood.

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Main terminal design revealed

2020 Main terminal design revealed

We've unveiled our vision for the spacious new main terminal, which optimizes for wellbeing and passenger flow. See how we're bringing more Pacific Northwest character to the heart of PDX.

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Say hello to a brand-new Concourse B

2021 Start with a small service

B gets bigger and brighter, with brunch star Screen Door and specialty roaster Good Coffee adding more Oregon flavor to the new daylight-filled digs.

Flexible transit hub, beep beep!

2021 Flexible transit hub, beep beep!

You’ll get in and out of PDX faster when we open a new basecamp for car rentals and parking, complete with more close-in spots and flexibility for future modes of transit.

Rideshare center eases congestion


Rideshare riders, rejoice: You’ll find your driver painlessly in the new dedicated pickup center for services like Lyft and Uber. This helps reduce congestion for everyone else, too.

PDX employee shuttles pick up speed


If you work at PDX, your commute gets easier as employee shuttles to and from the airport get even speedier.

The main terminal is complete


Walk into the spacious and green new main terminal, where you’ll find it easy to get to your gate thanks to expanded security checkpoints, an intuitive layout, and more local places to eat and shop.