After all these years...
it's about time.
Concourse A is saying goodbye forever November 2019
Hello, brighter shoe selfies

Arriving soon: More of everything you love about PDX ... more food, more fun, more flow. And to make room for all of that awesomeness, we’re saying “adiós!” to A.

Starting in November, you’ll board all of your Alaska Airlines flights in Concourse C, where you can find coffee without long lines, mugs of craft beer and plenty of plugs to recharge your phone. Sound good? Well, in 2021, it gets even sweeter when we’ll welcome you to board at the new bigger and brighter Concourse B.

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Your #GoodbyeA memories

We know you’re not likely going to miss A’s crowded spaces, dim lights and stuffy vibes. But we bet you have some cool memories from your time spent in Concourse A. We do, too.

To bid adieu to our least-favorite corner of America’s most-loved airport, we’re inviting friends and frequent flyers like yourself to share the weirdest, sweetest and most embarrassing #GoodbyeA stories you can think of.

So grab a glass of something good and let’s toast the concourse that was, honestly, so easy to hate.

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