2022 Preview: Raising the Roof at PDX

Published January 28, 2022

Over the last 18 months, we’ve ticked off quite a few items on our to-do list at the airport. Expanding Concourse E: Check. Opening Concourse B and a Rental Car Center? Done! In 2022, we’re embarking on the really big stuff: Giving the main terminal a striking new roof.

Last year, we prepared to safely raise the roof by closing the Oregon Market and installing temporary walls and detours. Here's the good news about 2022: With the exception of a few late-night detours, and a few noisy months in the spring, you won’t encounter new disruptions. No more walking into PDX only to feel like you've returned home for the holidays to find your parents have turned your bedroom into their home gym.

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The roof was designed and built in the Pacific Northwest with materials supplied by 40 Oregon and Washington landowners, mills, and fabricators. In fact, some of the wood on the roof was harvested to reduce the impact of wildfires in the region.

(Photo credit: Port of Portland/Larry Curran)