Find your rideshare or taxi at PDX’s new Transportation Plaza
October 24, 2023

Quick update: This article was written in 2023. Want to read more about the new PDX?

On October 24, 2023, we opened a new Transportation Plaza at PDX for taxi, Uber, and Lyft passengers. The plaza should help everyone get to their destination faster—including drivers coming to the airport to pick up family and friends.

Up until this month, arriving passengers met up with their taxi or rideshare driver on Island 2, outside the arrivals level. Now, you'll head to the ground floor of the short-term parking garage. The plaza is easy to find and get to — just take the tunnel under the roadway, avoiding all the rain and crosswalks. (If you're using rideshare apps, your phone will direct you to the right spot.) 

Taking a taxi or rideshare to meet your flight? They’ll still drop you off right outside the terminal on the Departures level. 

Commercial vehicles make one million trips through the terminal every year. By diverting taxis and rideshares to the Transportation Plaza, we’re taking another big step toward clearing up traffic congestion on the terminal roadway. A few additional measures:

  • In November 2022, PDX opened a new rental car center, eliminating the car-rental shuttles that used to circulate around the airport.
  • TriMet has partnered with us to make it more convenient to ditch your car altogether. In February 2024, TriMet will operate a second light-rail track on the Red Line to make service more reliable. Soon after, it will extend and make improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian path from PDX to 82nd Avenue.

If your trek to PDX has you breathing easier, it's not just because your stress levels have dropped—fewer cars idling on the road means we're lowering emissions, too!