The new PDX starts opening in August! Here’s what to expect.
February 13, 2024

In just a few months, we’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been up to.

Soon you’ll be able to wander amid the trees and admire the clouds through the skylights in the Douglas fir roof. We’re adding even more local shops and restaurants to the airport and bringing back some favorite PDX features — like the iconic carpet and the passageway between all four concourses.

Think of the first phase of the opening phase as a “Wow!” in progress: We’re rolling out PDX’s new designs in two phases so you can see the good stuff as soon as it’s finished. It also allows us to upgrade PDX without any closures or flight delays — and reduce the carbon footprint of the construction while we’re at it.

Here’s what you can look forward to exploring, as well as what to be prepared for during each phase:

Phase 1: A Wow in Progress  

When you’ll get to see it: August 2024

Starting in August, you’ll get your first look at the new PDX designs: new airline check-in counters, the new pre-security Market Hall, and two new security stations. At the same time, we’ll close off parts of the old terminal to start the second phase of construction.

What to look for in phase 1:

  • New airline check-in areas
  • A new public space with stadium seating and a mezzanine restaurant 
  • 12 new local shops and restaurants start opening
  • A streamlined security process
  • New art exhibits
  • The ability to get to all four concourses once you’ve passed through security
  • New flooring — including the return of the iconic carpet 

Things you should know:

  • On the same day the new terminal opens, the old security stations, post-security lobbies, and exit doors will go away and a temporary exit will open through the concourse connector.
  • The safety detour walkways will need to remain in place until December 2025. Now, however, instead of taking them to get to gates in Concourses C and D, you'll take them to get to gates in B and E.

Phase 2: The Whole Shebang 

When you’ll get to see it: December 2025 

In late 2025, we’ll be finished with the renovations of the terminal’s north and south ends. Once we tear down the construction walls, you’ll find new exit lanes and two new post-security shopping and dining areas, plus even more of Portland’s favorite carpet. Bonus: The two detour walkways between the terminal and the concourses will disappear.

What to look for in phase 2:

  • 11 new local restaurants and shops
  • Permanent exit lanes, with more escalators down to baggage claim
  • Banks of private, all-user restrooms with tile mosaics created by local artisans  
  • Two cozy areas where you can wait for arriving travelers 

Things you should know:

  • As soon as phase 2 is complete, we promise: No more construction walls. (Really.)