Good Coffee opens on Concourse B
July 15, 2022

One thing that you might not notice on your first visit to Good Coffee, which opened on Concourse B on July 1, 2022: Sam and Nick Purvis, the brothers who own the business, believe that coffee should be seasonal.

The Purvises buy tiny amounts of high-quality coffee from farmers around the world, so the beans are freshly picked when they arrive at their Troutdale roastery and especially aromatic when brewed up. Their drink specials incorporate fresh juices and syrups made from local produce and herbs. And Katherine Benvenuti, the stellar pastry chef behind Fills Donuts, changes up her pastry menu to showcase fruits at their ripest.

The Purvises, who were born in Sisters, Oregon, competed in barista championships in their younger years, then learned how to roast coffees alongside the West Coast's greats. In 2014, they opened the first Good Coffee on Division Street in Southeast Portland. Now they have five locations across the Portland metro area in addition to their new PDX spot.

Creating delight for coffee drinkers

From the get-go, their commitment to seasonal products has been dwarfed by another value: hospitality. "Aspiring to create delight for other people has been the core of our business and our work every day," Sam says. Sure, the Columbian coffee you're sipping today may be different from the Ethiopian brew you enjoyed last time, but the warmth you'll get from the baristas will always be the same.

Sam is excited by the opportunity to extend that hospitality to the thousands of people who pass through PDX each day. "The airport is visitors' first window into our city when they land, and for residents leaving the city, there's an opportunity to give them a sendoff that says, 'Hey, you're leaving someplace special and you're going to come back to someplace special.'"

3 Things to Order

Matcha Lavender Latte

illustrated latte The organic matcha for this latte comes from Portland's Mizuba Tea, which buys it from farmers near Uji, Japan. The tea is scented with a French lavender syrup, locally made, and Sam says, "It's the prefect essence of lavender without being in your face." The last element: your choice of milk.

Spectrum Blend Coffee

illustrated to-go coffee If you're ordering a cup of drip coffee, chances are good you'll be enjoying Good Coffee's stalwart, easy-drinking blend. A blend of Colombian and Ethiopian beans, it's softly chocolaty, with candied nuts and a refreshing citrus note on the finish.

Common Good coffees

bag of beans Picking up a bag of beans to bring with you? Each of three Common Good blends benefit a local educational organization, and the Kairos PDX blend was even designed to reflect flavors—caramel, raspberry—schoolkids chose themselves.